Microsoft Brings New Edge Browser App To The iPhone

Microsoft just released the beta of its Edge app for iOS users, the Edge app will use Apple’s Webkit engine.

Microsoft’s Edge is the mobile version of Windows 10 PC, this app may appeal to iPhone users who use a Window’s PC instead of a Mac. This just released beta will be great for Windows PC users to now be able to share a website, app, and photos right from their iPhones to their Windows PC, which should make the transfer much simpler and faster. Microsoft states that its main intent is to bring Edge to iOS and Android users to improve its “Continue on PC” feature.

iOS users can test the Edge preview app by installing the beta through Apple’s TestFlight program. At this point, the Edge app is only available in English, but Microsoft is planning to expand to other languages as well as countries. It should be noted that the Microsoft Edge cannot be enabled as the default browser on an iPhone, and the mobile version does not have Cortana or built-in ad blocking.

Source: Zdnet, Macrumors


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