Apple lanceert derde bèta van iOS 11.1 To Developers

Apple heeft uitgerold de derde beta van iOS 11.1 aan ontwikkelaars en de tweede bèta van iOS 11.1 de publieke beta testers.

Deze beta richt zich op de bug die de iOS voorkomen 11 Bedek scherm met Bekendmakingen van wordt benaderd vanuit de middens van het display telefoon. Not too long ago, Apple engineering chief Craig Federighi responded to a Mac Rumors reader saying that a fix for this bug would be released in an upcoming iOS update.

In an email to Federighi, MacRumors reader Michael asked the following question:

“Ever since iOS 11 was released as a beta, the ability to invoke the Notification Center from the middle of the screen during reachability was removed. This was an incredibly useful feature as one didn’t have to awkwardly try to take ones’ thumb all the way back to the top even though reachability was invoked—defeating the whole purpose of it for one crucial task.

If this was done by design I fail to see the purpose or any benefit whatsoever to its removal. If it’s a bug, I hope Apple can get around to finally fixing this mistake/oversight.”Federighi replied to Michael’s email with a short “We are fixing it” note, confirming that the issue will be addressed in a future version of iOS 11.

The iOS 11.1 beta brings an updated camera icon under Restrictions, a faster unlock animation, a new animation when users tap the status bar to scroll upwards and a built-in keyboard that offers several emoji suggesting when typing emoji-related words such as “happy” or “cake.”

iOS 11.1 will include a lot more emoji such as Crazy Face, Vampire, Exploding Head, Face Vomiting, Pie, Brain and more. Apple also brought back the 3D Touch App Switcher gesture, which will allow users to 3D Touch at the left edge of the display to access the multitasking Apple Switcher interface.

iOS 11.1 is expected to be released to the general public later this month.

Source: MacRumors

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