It’s football season! These second-screen apps make NFL games even more fun to watch

According to the NFL, 70 percent of fans use a second screen while watching football. It’s easy to understand why: mobile devices—and the apps that run on them—give us easy access to player stats and analysis, provide interactive features to supplement the big-screen experience, and offer a convenient way to communicate with other fans watching the game.

We’ve rounded up six of the best second-screen apps to enhance your football viewing. Take them for a spin when the season kicks off Thursday, September 7, and we’re sure you’ll be reaching for them along with your remote every week until the end of Super Bowl LII.

NFL Mobile

nfl mobile NFL

Verizon has a lock on showing NFL games on mobile phones.

A couple of years ago, the NFL seemed as determined to conquer the second screen as effectively as it has the TV screen, offering a dizzying array of official apps. It has pared down and consolidated its offerings since then, but NFL Mobile remains the league’s digital flagship.

This free app gives you everything you’d expect: news, real-time scoring, video highlights, radio broadcasts, customizable team alerts, and push notifications. You also get access to Game Pass, the league’s on-demand video subscription service. If you’re willing to pay $100 and don’t mind watching games after they’ve aired, you can replay any of the season’s 256 match-ups on your mobile device.

NFL Mobile offers Verizon customers a few extra perks with a More Everything plan. You get 24/7 access to the NFL Network on your phone, and you can live-stream all nationally broadcast games on that channel as well as those on CBS, NBC, Fox, and ESPN.

If you miss a game for whatever reason, NFL Mobile’s at-a-glance recap is indispensable for catching up.

(iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

NFL app for Xbox One

Xbox has more to offer football fans than endless hours playing Madden. Thanks to Microsoft’s partnership with the NFL, your console will give you the best possible field position to follow the upcoming season.