Major Security Flaw Discovered With iPhone

Uh oh, iPhone users are in for a dozy. It looks like a major security flaw has been discovered.

According to Reuters, Johns Hopkins University cryptography professor Matthew Green has commented about a newly discovered flaw in iOS, saying…

“It’s as bad as you could imagine, that’s all I can say,”

How bad is it? Well, if hackers gain access through the flaw, they can effectively gain access to your Facebook, Gmail or even financial information stored on your iPhone. It’s as bad as you can imagine, or maybe even worse.

This flaw has also managed to make it onto the desks of Apple, but the company declined to comment to Reuters about the recent exploit.

According to the article…

“The company was recently stung by leaked intelligence documents claiming that authorities had 100 percent success rate in breaking into iPhones.“Friday’s announcement suggests that enterprising hackers could have had great success as well if they knew of the flaw.”

Hopefully the issues is fixed promptly, so as to avoid a fallout of dangerous exploits taking over private information from iPhone users. We’ll keep you posted if Apple decides to update customers or issue a fix.

Lees Major Security Flaw Discovered With iPhone